Google Play Music to be the default music player in all Samsung smartphones

google play music default music player samsung smartphones

Owing to the latest partnership between the search engine giant, Google and South Korean manufacturer, Samsung, Google Play Music is going to be the default music player in all the Samsung smartphones starting with Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+. The American company is also in talks with the Samsung to add more special features in Google Play Music for the Samsung users.

All thanks to the partnership, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ owners will soon be able to stream and upload 100,000 of their own songs to Google Play Music for free. For other users like you and me, this limit is only 50,000. Besides this, the upcoming Samsung mobiles and tablets will offer a free three-month trial in Google Play Music. The users would also get access to YouTube Red in available regions.

According to Google, the Google Play Music app will soon support the voice-assistant Bixby. Once that’s done, the S8 users can ask their voice assistant to play the songs instead of opening the app. This is however a big blow to other online streaming apps such as Apple Music and Wynk Music app. Because, we know that a large section of people still go for Samsung blindly without noticing any other smartphone and Google has just won every one of them by partnering with Samsung.

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