5G Specifications: 20 Gbps download and 10 Gbps upload speed

The official logo of the 5G was launched last month. A new report has been released by the International Telcommunication Union (ITU) earlier in this week and it confirms the basic requirements that are linked to performance of IMT-2020 or 5G radio interface(s) in technical terms.

The basic requirements for target values, peak spectral efficiencies and peak data rate for the user experienced data rate are:

  • Downlink peak data rate is 20 Gbit/s
  • Uplink peak data rate is 10 Gbit/s
  • Downlink peak spectral efficiency is 30 bit/s/Hz
  • Uplink peak spectral efficiency is 15 bit/s/Hz
  • Downlink user experienced data rate is 100 Mbit/s
  • Uplink user experienced data rate is 50 Mbit/s
  • 5G must support at least 1 million connected devices per square kilometre (0.38 square miles). Similar to LTE and LTE-Advanced, the 5G spec calls for base stations that can support everything from 0km/h up to “500km/h high speed vehicular” access (i.e. trains).

The 5G will deliver speed of 20 Gbps download speed and 10 Gbps upload speed. Let us know your views on the specifications of the 5G by commenting in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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