How to recover deleted photos from the memory card?

We are living in a digital age. You probably know that. As time flies, we take a lot of pictures of us and our loved ones. Most of them are saved in our memory cards. And there could be circumstances when those photos get deleted accidentally. Even if you have never faced such a situation, it is better to be prepared. Prevention is always better than cure. However, here in this post, we are going to share how to recover the deleted photos from the memory card.

How to recover the deleted photos from the memory card?

The best way to recover the photos would be to install any recovery software.

We will suggest a few here in this post. Most of them work like a charm in the paid versions. However, the basic trial version of certain software will allow you to recover data up to 5 GB.

Listed below are the top recovery software:

Recuva for windows

Using Recuva, you can recover your deleted files easily and quickly. The software recovers files from an MP3 player, digital camera card, recycle bin, or your computer.

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Pandora Recovery (for Windows)

Pandora Recovery software scans for folders and files in your computer that have been deleted. But there is one condition though. Those files should not have been overwritten on your disk.

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Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery (for OS X)

This photo recovery software recovers almost anything in the Mac Operating system. That includes songs, videos, pictures, or any other multimedia files. If you have deleted any photos, then this is a must-install your Apple device.

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PhotoRec (for DOS, Windows 9x or higher, Linux, OS X)

This is an open-source and free data recovery software that is available across all platforms. An additional software, TestDisk also comes within the installation which will help you to recover the partitions that are lost.

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