How to turn off comments for posts in Instagram? New feature

turn off comments for posts in Instagram

Instagram is eventually adding the feature that everyone has been longing for. The application which is owned by Facebook will now allow you to turn off the comments for certain posts. You also have the ability to remove followers from private accounts and like the comments.

Back in September, the company had brought in the feature to filter and moderate the comments which consists of offensive or abusive language. The app has gone a step ahead in this regard by providing more control over the comments.

How to turn off comments for your posts in Instagram?

  • To turn off the comments for your posts, you will have to select “Advanced Settings” while posting.
  • Then choose “Turn off commenting” and select the three dots menu option at any point after posting to bring the commenting feature back to the post.

Instagram will also allow the users to like the comments of the post. All you will have to do is just tap the heart icon that is placed next to any comment.

Here comes the most important feature. Say if you have a private account, you will be able to remove any follower without having to block them. To do so, tap the menu button next to the follower’s name to block that person. There is also bad news. This will notify that person that you have removed them as a follower.

According to Instagram, these features will be rolled out to the users in the coming week. Are you using Instagram? Share us your experiences in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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