All themes in SwiftKey are free as Christmas present

all themes in swiftkey are free

There is a good news for all SwiftKey users out there. The company is providing all its themes on iOS and Android for free.

To access the themes section in Android, users will have to enter the SwiftKey hub by tapping or sliding the hamburger icon. Then choose the ‘SwiftKey Store’ after opening the ‘Themes’ panel. You can select more than 100 themes to customize the color and design of the keyboard in SwiftKey. All the themes are available for free. Even the latest ‘Vivid’ themes.

To access the themes in iOS, open the container app in your homescreen. Then select the red ‘Design’ icon in the top right to find the latest free themes.

In the beginning of this week, the company had updated the app with support of transliteration for Hindi and Gujarati.

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