Facebook is working on a new feature called ‘Collections and Functions’

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Facebook is currently working on a fresh feature called ‘Collections and Functions’. It will help the users to view the chosen content from the publisher right away into the news feeds. It works much like the Discover section of Snapchat which will display the news stories and videos.

The media and entertainment companies have been approached by the tech giant to create contents for Collections. There are also reports that the social networking company is pushing the publishers to provide more content for the collections feature, but an official representative refused such statements as fake. There is no any news on whether company will advertise in its upcoming Collections feature.

All we know now is that the Facebook is working so hard with the leading 30 media organizations to screen the fake news stories so as to enhance the quality of content that is available online. Earlier, the company was blamed for spreading false news stories during the US elections which was held recently. The media partners were told that they will be able to publish the news directly into the newsfeed.

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