VLC now supports 360 degree videos on Mac and Windows

VLC now supports 360 degree videos on Mac and Windows

Videolan released VLC 3.0, the first technical preview version that supports 360 degree videos on Windows and Mac. In addition to the videos, the app will also allow you to view the panaromas as well as 360 degree photos.

The features of the VLC 360-degree are as listed below:

  • Playback of 360 Videos following the Spatial Video spec
  • Playback of 360 Photos and Panoramas following the Spherical spec
  • Display modes with Zoom, Little planet and Reverse little planet
  • Control it with your Mouse and Keyboard
  • Open Source and Cross-platform, accelerated with OpenGL and Direct3D11

VLC has joined hands with Giroptic who has provided the code and expertise, cameras and samples on the features which are mentioned above. The company has also revealed that the upcoming releases for Xbox One, iOS and Android will come with 360-degree features. The Smartphones will make use of the sensors equipped in them to navigate inside the videos.

The app will also support the VR headsets such as Oculus or OSVR, Daydream, Vive in 2017. Eventually, the VLC will support 3D audio playback including head tracking headphones.

Let us know if you are using VLC to watch videos and play audios in your PC by commenting in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about it from you.

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