People crave for Wi-Fi more than sex

people crave for wifi more than sex

Wi-Fi is certainly one of the most important necessary things in our life. In public places where the Wi-Fi is available for free, you would find a lot of people near the Wi-Fi router more like a Beehive. A new study has now found that People crave for WiFi more than many daily activities and that includes sex.

The study was conducted by iPass, a Wi-Fi connectivity provider. The study was all about asking the participants to rank the importance of Wi-Fi against other human necessities and luxuries. Wi-Fi was voted by around 40.2 percent of them, which was followed by sex at 36.6 percent.

Pat Hume, Chief Commercial Officer at iPass said:

“Wi-Fi is not only the most popular method of internet connectivity, it has surpassed many other human luxuries and necessities.”

He continued:

“The idea that Wi-Fi would be considered more important than sex, alcohol and chocolate would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. For some time now, the internet has appeared on the bottom line of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, almost as a longstanding joke in geek culture. Recently, the idea has gone mainstream.”

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