Microsoft Visual Studio on Mac to be Launched This Week

Microsoft Visual Studio on Mac

At the Microsoft’s Connect(); developers’ conference, the company is all set to announce Visual Studio on macOS. This decision will be helpful for those developers who own an MacBook or Mac PC to develop software and services for many platforms. Although the Visual Studio has been the Microsoft’s favorite coding tool to develop the Windows Software, it is also used very much in the online services as well as in the other platforms.

The company illustrated in its official blog post that this decision will help the platform to become a true cloud-first, mobile-first development tool for C# and .NET. Even though the software works much like how it works in the Windows platform, MacOS users must feel at home. And again not every project type will be supported. Only those projects which can be shared between users in similar formats without any need for migration or conversion are supported.

Microsoft Visual Studio on Mac

Microsoft has given its word on high level of uniformity between the Mac and Windows versions of the Visual Studio that includes TextMate for Source Editing, the MSBuild Engine and Roslyn Compiler Platform for refactoring. The company is expecting the developers who are using the Mac platform to use the Visual Studio as a primary software to develop apps on iOS, Android and backend cloud server software.

The Visual Studio for Mac will be launched as a preview at the Connect(); conference which starts on November 16.

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