Google Chrome 54 is now faster with Microsoft’s Profile Guided Optimization

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Google is seriously working on its Chrome browser. The company has now made the browser much faster with the integration of Profile Guided Optimization by Microsoft to make the application faster by 15 % on Windows. The latest integration will help to identify whether which functions are always used and which aren’t. And PGO then optimizes them for faster loading of pages and startup of Chrome.

Sebastien Marchand, Software Engineer at Google said in the blog:

PGO optimises the memory location of the code, moving rarely-used functions away from frequently-used ones in memory. This results in more optimal use of the CPU instruction cache by avoiding caching of less-used code, increasing overall performance. There are many other tricks that PGO uses to make Chrome faster, and they add up to great results.

According to Google, the integration of PGO in Google Chrome browser has resulted in loading the browser by 16.8 percent in startup time, 5.9 percent for the page loading and 14.8 percent for the new tab loading. The company has added this feature in 64-bit Chrome version 53 and 32-bit Chrome version 54 in Windows for now. The latter is available already for Chromebook, Android and Desktop users.

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