Xiaomi Mi VR headset announced with built-in independent sensor

Xiaomi Mi VR headset

Xiaomi announced the company’s latest wearable Virtual Reality gadget, Xiaomi Mi VR headset at an event in Beijing. It is equipped with a built-in independent motion sensor.

Xiaomi Mi VR headset

This motion sensor that we are talking about is very sensitive as the company has increased its sensitivity by 16 times. This will help in resulting synchronizing picture by recognizing the slight movement.

Xiaomi Mi VR headset
In the Image: Xiaomi Mi VR headset

The Xiaomi Mi VR headset is packed with anti-vertigo which will prevent the dizziness even if you use the gadget for a very long time. It offers a 103 degree viewing angle using the 38 mm anti-glare lens. The VR headset is equipped with a 9-axis somatosensory handle which is a remote control.

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