Google Allo launch expected this week on September 21

Google Allo launch

Google might launch its much anticipated app, Google Allo this week. A few experts in the tech world are expecting the launch date to be September 21. When the company had initially announced the messaging service, an exact date of the launch was not mentioned. However, Google had said that they would launch it sometime this summer.

For those of you who aren’t aware of Google Allo, it is an upcoming messaging service that promises Security/Privacy, Google Assistant features and self-expression. Although a few compare it to WhatsApp, the app has a few features to its own such as incognito mode, virtual assistant, smart replies and a set of emojis and stickers.

There’s much vibe on Google Allo everywhere and therefore let’s wait till the launch to know more details. However, this news on September 21 launch is more likely to be a rumor. So, do not pile your expectations high.

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