Edward Snowden says Google Allo is not very private

Talk about privacy and you will end up discussing on Edward Snowden. The privacy hero is now of the opinion that everyone should stop using Google Allo. For those of you who aren’t aware of Google Allo, it is a new messaging app that allows you to chat in a smarter manner with Google Assistant chat bot.

Using Google Assistant chat bot, you can find answers for most of your queries using the Smart reply feature. The app uses machine learning to deliver this function. But, Google now wants to store all your messages to make the Smart reply feature more exciting. If you would recall the announcement of the app at Google I/O 2016, the search engine boasted a lot on the privacy options.



The team had initially announced that they would store only the temporary log messages. However, the company now wants to store all the non-incognito messages until a user deletes them. Although the data would be encrypted between the Google Servers and the device, the company will be able to read all your messages until you delete the messages.

However, there is a way for complete encryption through incognito mode in the app, because, the messages are not stored in the incognito mode.

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