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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking where people are connected with each other. It shows feeds on the timeline which is made up of posts from your friends and Pages that you are connected to. These posts are your friend’s status, likes, videos, shared post, photos links and now Facebook live videos as well. As, Facebook offers an easy user access, people are getting addicted to this. Although, we are using it almost everyday there are few cool tips and tricks which probably you would not have explored yet.

Here are 5 hidden features in your Facebook that you can use:

1. Upcoming Birthdays: Never forget your friends birthday

Although, we get our friends birthday notification on our home page, but sometimes, you may forget to wish them. So, Facebook has a feature that will automatically send all upcoming birthdays to your Google calendar to remind you on that particular date.

  • Open your Facebook — > Click on Event i.e. on the left side of the page.
  • Right click on the “Birthdays” and Copy the address link
  • Now, open Google Calendar — > Click on Other Calendars drop down option — > Select Add by URL and paste the URL.

Once, done you will always get the automatic email notification for your friends birthday and never forget to wish them.

2. Who should see this?: Restrict people with whom you don’t want to share your post

Since, it is Facebook you want all your friends, family and colleagues to be added in your Facebook page. But, there are few posts which you want to share on Facebook but don’t want few people added in your Friends list to see it. So, here is the feature “Who should see this?” to help you hide your post from selected people and to show it to them with whom you want to share it with.on your timeline.

  • Go to the post and click on options icon (gear symbol icon) to open “Who should see this?” section
  • Click on Custom, a window will pop up
  • You have two options to select “Share with” and “Don’t share with”. So, you can add people as required and save changes.

3. Save Link: You can save an article for further reading.

Although, we open Facebook to check updates, sometime we do not have enough time to read some article which looks interesting. And, later in the day you will have scroll through your page to find that article and which is really a time consuming and irritating way of find it. So, Facebook has a feature called “Save Link” which will help you to save the article in the “Saved” section that you can read further when you have time.

  • Click on the drop down menu on top of the article to open the options.
  • Click on the option “Save Link”.
  • The articles will be bookmarked in “Saved” tab, which on the left side of your home page.

4. Look Back: Video of your entire Facebook history.

Login to your Facebook account and add the “lookback” in the URL like “facebook.com/lookback” to watch your entire Facebook life flash before your eyes. The video, which is automatically generated by the site, features your first moments, your most liked posts, and a collage of your most recent happenings. You can share this video with your friends as well.

5. Legacy Contact: Friend to manage your account after you are gone

Facebook has a feature called “Legacy Contact”, as per this option you can choose someone to look after your account if you are gone or use it wisely to share with your friends. The legacy contact can write a pinned post for your profile, respond to new friend requests and update your profile picture and cover photo.

Your legacy contact can’t log into your account, remove or change past posts, photos and other things shared on your Timeline, read messages you’ve sent to other friends or remove any of your friends.

To assign a Legacy contact

  • Go to Settings — > Security — > Legacy Contact
  • Choose one of your Facebook friends as Legacy contact

Facebook cool and amazing tricks help you use it with much ease and in a more enhanced way. Hope these simple tricks help you and would love to add any other trick if you find that will be useful for our readers.

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