Dinosaurs became extinct due to volcanic eruptions in India 66 million years ago

dinosaurs extinct indian volcano eruption

According to a new study, dinosaurs became extinct due to impact of volcanic eruptions in India and an asteroid hit in Mexico. Andrea Button from the University of Florida and her peers from University of Michigan are the pillars behind this new research. They used a new method of analysis in order to rebuild Antartic ocean temperatures that supports the idea of volcanic eruptions in India and an asteroid hit in Mexico as the reasons behind the disappearance of dinosaurs from this planet 66 million years ago.

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They used carbonate clumped isotope paleothermometer, a recently developed technique to examine the chemical composition of fossil shells that are present in Antartic Ocean. And the results were amazing. The temperatures rose approximately by 14 degree Fahrenheit linking to the latest findings.

The research also says that both the events are related to the extinction events of approximately equal same magnitude on Seymour Island, Antartica. All the discoveries of the research have been published in the journal Nature Communications.

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