Cinema 3D a movie screen that allows glasses free 3D by MIT

We love cinema and there is no doubt about it, with ever growing technology we moved from black and white to colored and then 3-D. The reason we love 3-D experience because it allows us to see places and things in ways that we otherwise couldn’t. But, this experience has one of the most annoying features: the glasses. Sometimes, you may find that these glasses may have scratches, or some mark and the worst part is if you have actual vision glass you need to atop it with these glass. Now, here we have the good news MIT has developed a glasses free 3-D display technology. This has been demonstrated by a team from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science by showing a 3-D film in a movie theater without extra eyewear.

Cinema 3D prototype display:

The prototype is called ‘Cinema 3D’ that uses a special array of lenses and mirrors to enable viewers to watch a 3-D movie from any seat in theater. Researchers have cautioned that the system isn’t currently market-ready, but the future versions would be able to offer glasses-free alternatives for 3-D movies in theater and they are very optimistic about it. Researchers figured out the current glasses-free 3-D technology cannot be scaled to movie theaters. Because, of the parallax barriers that have to be at a consistent distance from the viewer, but in large theater viewers are at different angles and distances.


In movie theaters people move their heads only over a very small range of angles, as they are limited by the width of the seat. Thus, Cinema 3D technology encode multiple parallax barriers in one display which is enough to display images to a narrow range of angles and replicate that to all seats in the theater. And, within Cinema 3D special optics system the range of views is then replicated across the theater by a series of mirrors and lenses.

This work was funded by the Israel Science Foundation and the European Research Council. It will be a really interesting to see when this technology is out in the market and we would be able to enjoy 3-D movies without any extra eye wear.

Let us know what you think about it.

Source and Image credit: MIT Technology

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