YouTube launches “Smart Offline feature” for users in India

YouTube launches "Smart Offline feature" for users in India

A new feature has been rolled out by YouTube in India and it is “Smart Offline feature” which will allow the Smartphone users to take advantage of the inexpensive mobile data plans at night. Almost all the telecom operators in India offer affordable data plans for the usage at night.

Here onwards, while saving the video offline, the users will get an option to save the video at night using the new “Save Overnight” feature. If you select it, the video that you have added will be saved at night and you will be able to watch your favorite video anytime later. This will let you to watch the video without any buffering issues.

The feature is being rolled out to the Telenor and Airtel users first in India. Gradually, the feature will be rolled out to the other network subscribers as well. To avail this feature, you will have to update your YouTube app to the latest version.

Let us know your views on the Smart Offline feature in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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