How your Phone’s vibration motor can spy on you?

How your Phone's vibration motor can spy on you?

Have you ever thought about the vibration motor on your phone? You will think about it all the time after reading this post. The latest news is that the vibration motor can be used as a microphone to spy on you.

Romit Roy Choudhury and Nirupam Roy from the Electrical and Computer Engineering School of University of Illinois are the founders of the latest discovery. According to them, a vibration motor is more like a speaker and any speaker can be used as a microphone. Both Roy and Choudhury have written a paper regarding this.

However, this can’t be done via remote control. That’s a good news though. At the same time, the recorded voice will not be in an identifiable sound. Using algorithms and Voice recognition software, the distorted voice can be translated to a recognizable way up to 80%.
Roy and Choudhury will present their paper later this month at MobiSys in Singapore.

Watch the video below for more details:

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