Free entertaining apps for iPhone and Android

Smartphones be it Android or iOS is just not a communication device but the most useful and handy gadgets that every one of us love it. I don’t need to tell what you can do with your smartphones because you already know it. Of course, social media especially Facebook is being used by most of us and that’s the best way to keep you busy. But, here I have listed some free entertaining apps for both the devices that you can install and entertain yourself.

Free entertaining apps for iPhone and Android

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This app is a video community that let you create, share and discover short videos. You can create up to 15 seconds long vide and share it. You can lip-sync at various speeds and upload your original audio tracks for others to use. The videos can also be saved privately so only you can see them and has hands free recording feature as well. This app can share the video to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and other.

2. Animatic
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The Animatic app allows you create flip book-like animations on your device. You can create animations using frame by frame editor which is really helpful to create a consistent animated picture or videos. It is a great fun for those who not only like to draw sketches but love to animate them as well.

3. Draw something for Messenger
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The Draw Something for Messenger is one of the most popular “Draw me something” social drawing and guessing game. This app was made by Zynga (of Farmville fame) specifically to work with Facebook’s messenger. You can experience the laugh out-loud game with your Facebook friends over Messenger. To challenger your friend start up a new drawing, you need to sketch based on the task given by app, once done you will be taken to Facebook Messenger to to send the challenge to your friends based on your choice.


4. LiPP
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The LiPP app allows you remix any video clip with any audio you have including your own voiceover. Users can dub their voice or any funny dialogue with any video or move scene. You can upload your dubbed video on LiPP community or also watch the multiple LiPP videos created by the community. If you go to the website, you can get videos that the users just uploaded in the ‘fresh’ category and the videos that are most used in the ‘hot’ category.


5. Ditty
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The Ditty app will change any text message into a song with a combination of text-to-speech and auto tune feature. The step by step process is that you need to select a song from the app’s library most of them are free or you can unlock via purchase as well. Once, song is selected type in your message and hit “Next”. The app will sing the text message to the melody of your chosen song.


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