Amazon Dash Button for the Internet of Things is customizable now


Amazon has released its new AWS(Amazon Web Service) IoT(Internet Of Things) Button which is a customizable version of the existing Dash Button that allows developers to program their own functions into the device. The idea behind this internet-connected Dash button is very simple, like when you find you are running low on an everyday product, just press the Dash button and Amazon will ship that item to you. As, of now each button is associated with a brand and first time when you set it up via the smartphone app, you can decide which specific product and quantity should get order when you will press the button.

The new customizable AWS IoT Button is based on the existing technology, but is designed primarily for developers where they can program their own function and instead of just ordering something they can program it to order a pizza, post to Facebook or Twitter, turn smart appliance on or off, send a message and many more. The button can also be programmed to perform different functions by responding to input types like a longer press, single click or double click.

Amazon dash button is pretty simple to use but the new customizable AWS IoT button may cost the user friendliness feature to the Dash button. To add the program developers should have Node.js, Python, or Java coding ability to connect the button to third party devices. But, it seems like Amazon is marketing this device to developers in order to experiment with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Well, of course existing Dash button relies on IFTT(If This Then That) and new customizable is for developers to add the program as per requirement.

Amazon also says that user can get about 1,000 presses out of a button but the downside is it is not replaceable or rechargeable, so once it is gone it is gone. The retail price for AWS IoT button is US$19.95, but initial stocks have already sold out.

Let us know your experience if you have used the existing device and what program you have added in new AWS Iot Button.

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