Android notifications on Windows 10 PC very soon

Android notifications on Windows 10

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to lock your desktop to check the notifications in your Android Smartphone? Well, it all looks like you will not have to do that anymore. Because, Microsoft revealed its plans to bring in the feature to view the Android notifications on Windows 10 via the Action Center of your desktop.

Microsoft’s Build 2016 event is going on and the company described how you can view the Android notifications on PC. The notifications such as messages, missed calls and other notifications would appear in the Windows 10 desktop. Microsoft would use its Cortana app for Android to deliver this feature of Android notifications on Windows 10 upgrade. Not just that, you will also be able to reply and dismiss the notifications via the Action Center.

Courtesy: TheVerge

A user notification store will be built by Cortana for Android in the cloud in order to let the Windows 10 Android notifications to reflect in PCs that run on Windows 10.

New Desktop Windows 10 is known to bring true convergence across devices and therefore this feature is already available across Windows ten devices. But, the company is not likely to bring up the same feature for iPhone devices as the iOS gadgets are a lot more secure.

We can expect this feature to be available in the anniversary update of Windows OS this summer. You will have to probably do Windows 10 update to use this feature.

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