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Google apps

Google does not need an introduction as everyone knows if we have to search anything we say “Google it”, which has made it the synonym of search. But apart of being a search engine it is also famous for Google apps. Today we are going to write about some of the most used Google apps that you can download from Google Play Store.

Top 5 most used Google apps are here. These are free apps:

1. Androidify: An app to let you customize the android character, using this app you can change appearance like the color, dress, hats, well there are a lot of options. You can create new characters and share among with your friends. This app let you create you own new emoticons.


2. Google Goggles: An app to let you identify the thing using the phones camera. This is a very simple app as you just have to point your phone camera to the object and Google gives you the information that is required to know.


3. Google Keep: An app to help you oranize your day. It let you set reminders, set location reminders and also sync with Google account to share with the people in your contact list. You can also speak to it and it gets it transcribed and saves it.


4. Snapseed: An app to help you edit your photo. It has a lot of editing options like tuning, cropping, transform, select and many more. It has lot of features that you find in any other app like Instagram. So you can make your photos look more beautiful with this app.


5. YouTube kids: An app specially for kids as this this is YouTube but whenever your kid open it let your kid open only kid friendly channel which helps your kid learn something all the time YouTube is opened.


Let us know about your experiences for other fantastic Google apps that you have downloaded from Play store and using it.

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