Get boarding pass for KLM flights on Facebook Messenger

Facebook and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have joined hand together and launched a service where user can receive flight updates through messenger and also get their boarding pass for KLM flights that would let them go through security and onto their flight.

KLM has been always quick on using social media and giving good customer service index. KLM has become the first major European airline partner to be integrated with Facebook Messenger, which is used by more than 800 million people around the globe. This service is a convenient way of getting flight updates, easy interface to chat with KLM support representatives, any scheduling changes and onboarding pass. Now, user can say goodbye to forgetting the combination of frequent flyer alphanumerical number and password to obtain boarding pass.

Facebook Messenger user can choose the option to receive booking confirmation, flight status, check-in-notification and boarding pass via Messenger if they are using KLM flight. This makes the travel information easy to find in a single place and KLM representatives will be also available for chat  if you have any questions. Facebook certainly wants to own more customer and thus more data about them as well. Because the more time user spends on Facebook environment, the more Facebook knows about them.

David Marcus, the lead at Facebook Messenger  says, “This is one that I’ve been personally eager to solve for a while, removing stress, and complication from air travel.” He refers to KLM as Facebook’s “first airline partner,” which certainly suggests Facebook is looking to add more.

Let us know your experience if you have used this service.

Img source & credit: Facebook Messenger and KLM

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