Amazon Kindle Oasis with Rechargeable Cover, Lightweight body launched

Amazon Kindle Oasis is the latest baby in the Kindle family of Amazon. The company has just launched the latest gadget which is the smallest, lightest and the most expensive Kindle ever. The company believes that the rechargeable cover that comes with the device will win the hearts of the bookworms around the world. 

Amazon Kindle Oasis sports a 6-inch display with pixel density of 300 ppi with 60 percent extra LEDs to offer more uniform backlighting, measures 8.5mm and 3.4 mm at its thickest and thinnest points, weighs 131 grams which is 20 percent lighter than its predecessor.

Amazon Kindle Oasis
Amazon Kindle Oasis

The device looks to have equipped with big buttons on one of the sides of the device. We can assume them to use for turning the pages in the books. It is available with a leather rechargeable battery case. The buzz surrounding the device also includes its standby time of up to 20 months. The battery case will be available in Red, Brown and Black colors.

According to the listing in the site, Kindle Oasis has a dual-battery system. Besides the Kindle’s battery, the leather charging case also charges the device at the same time when it is connected to a power source. It also features a “Kindle Sleep mode” that will help the users to save the battery for a long lasting user experience in a single charge.

Amazon Kindle Oasis on sale:

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