Amazon Fire OS devices to get its Encryption back

amazon fire os

If you own an Amazon device, there’s good news for you. The company has decided to restore the Encryption back in its Amazon Fire OS devices following the huge demand from its customers.

Amazon had earlier disabled Encryption in the Fire devices stating that those devices are used mostly for the entertainment rather than for the business and communication purposes. But, considering the concerns of those who have stored sensitive information in the Amazon Fire OS 6 devices, the company has decided to revert its encryption policy for the Fire OS gadgets. Although the encryption has been disabled in the devices, the users were able to encrypt the information stored in the cloud services of Amazon.

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This move by the company comes at a time when “Encryption” is the hottest topic of discussion from the newsrooms to classrooms around the globe since Apple decided to defend FBI and a court’s order to unlock a device for the continuation of the investigation. 15 leading organizations such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft have backed the Apple’s decision to defend the court’s order and Amazon is one of those 15 companies.

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