Snapchat Birthday filter with latest iOS and Android update

Snapchat Birthday filter

Social networks have made it way easier to remember your loved ones birthday and in continuity with that Snapchat has launched Snapchat Birthday filter feature in their latest update that has two options – one can be used on your birthday and the other can be used if snapping friends on their birthday.

Snapchat users can record videos and take photos and send them to list of recipients. These videos and photographs are known as “Snaps” where sender can also set a time limit for how long recipients can view these snaps, after the time limit it will be deleted from the server.

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Since, its inception this application has been rolling out new feature time-to-time. So, as per the latest update, if you turn on the Birthday Party feature, Snapchat Birthday filter will give you access to a one day filter on your birthday that you can add to individual snaps. And if you’re one of those friends who always forget their friend’s birthday you don’t need to be worried anymore. Because Snapchat will put a little cake emoji next to your friends’ usernames on their birthdays and instruct you to “double tap to birthday snap”.

These Snapchat Birthday filter features can only be turned on by entering your birthday in the settings tab and certainly it will increase engagement between users. But more importantly, it will provide an incentive for users who never provided a birth date during their original sign up to now hand it over to the company. Adding reliable birth date data for the entire user-base will certainly be attractive for advertisers as well who are trying to sort through the platform’s diverse pool of users.

Snapchat Birthday filter known as also Birthday Party will roll out to all Snapchat users in an iOS and Android update.

Let us know your experience of this feature as we would love to write more on this.

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