How to add multiple accounts in Instagram?

multiple accounts in Instagram

If you have more than one account in Instagram, there’s good news for you as Instagram supports multiple accounts in its app for iOS and Android now. We have written in detail How to add multiple accounts in Instagram?  The new update 7.15 version will allow you to use up to 5 accounts in your Instagram app.

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How to add multiple accounts in Instagram?

add mutilple accounts in Instagram
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To add a new account besides your existing account in Instagram, open Settings, choose “Add Account” and enter the credentials (username and password) of the new account. To switch between your multiple accounts, you will have to go to your profile, tap your username at the top of the screen and then tap the account you’d like to switch to.

You will get push notifications from any of the accounts that you select depending on whether which account is logged in very recently and the number of devices that your selected account is logged in.

After adding multiple accounts, you can log out from any of the accounts by selecting the account as mentioned above followed by logging out by going to the settings of the app. You can either log out from the accounts one after the other or log out from all accounts by choosing the “Log out of All Accounts” in Settings menu.

For any other details, you can always approach the help center of Instagram which is updated with instructions on how to guide you to enable, maintain and remove multiple accounts in your Instagram app.

The update is available in both iOS and Android. If you haven’t received it yet, please be patient. It will be rolled out to your device very sooner as the update has been released globally. This new feature will be very useful to the users such as small business owners and marketers who have multiple accounts. Other apps like Twitter also boasts a similar feature in its mobile app.

Source: Instagram

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