Leap Motion to make Virtual Reality experience better through Orion

Leap Motion Orion Virtual reality

While Leap Motion is known for its motion sensor gadgets, Virtual Reality is known as a field where motion sensor gadgets are used to create a real live experience in the Virtual World.

Although the VR Headsets which are currently available in the market such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have their own set of additional gadgets, you will also have to use the Mouse and Keyboard to control certain operations. That’s where Leap Motion can make some sense.

Using the sensors and controllers of Leap Motion, you can enjoy the Virtual Reality with a great experience without actually having to use the Keyboard and Mouse. You can instead use your bare hands and fingers to control the operations.

The company is making its official move in the field of Virtual Reality with Orion, a VR project on tracking the motion. The hardware of the Orion is smaller and thinner enough to embed it in any Virtual Reality headset. On the other hand, the software of Orion which is much powerful than its hardware is already available in the beta builds of SDKs.

According to the demo video released by the company, Orion can be used to catch and throw physical objects in the Virtual Reality. As shown in the video, a blue-print of our hands are expected to be shown in Virtual Reality view so that we will be able to catch and throw objects just as how we would do it in the real world.

Using the existing VR Headsets, we can experience Virtual Reality in certain limitations. Usage of this mind-blowing technology by Leap Motion is certainly going to be a whole new experience for the Virtual Reality lovers.

Let us know in your comments on what you think about the Leap Motion’s ventures in the field of Virtual Reality.

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