Google announced the retirement of Picasa on May 1

Google announced the retirement of Picasa

The past generation grew up by viewing their photos in Picasa, a photo editing and viewing application from the family of Google. If you are one of them, there’s sad news for you because Google announced the retirement of Picasa.

This move is a result of the company’s decision to focus much on its Google Photos Application. Google will stop supporting the desktop application of Picasa from March 15 and the app will be completely obsolete from May 1 on wards.

Google to bid Adieu to Picasa on May 1
Google Photos


For Picasa lovers, Google is still figuring a way out to make the service available through web. In that you will be able to view the existing photos, but you won’t be able to create, edit or organize photos any longer through the Picasa after its retirement.

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This is going to disappoint you if you are a Picasa lover like me, but, in a way this is a good move by Google. Because, instead of providing two different applications that deliver the exact same service, Google can focus entirely on one application to bring in the best experience for the users.

Lately, Google Photos have been getting overwhelming responses from the users across the globe. We can assume this success of Google Photos as one of the reasons behind Google’s decision to back this application over Picasa.

As mentioned above, the changes are not going to be affected from today. You have ample time till March 15 and May 1 to use your Picasa application to organize or delete your albums if you have chosen not to use the Google Photos.

If you have decided to go ahead with Google Photos, you don’t have to spend time to migrate the photos or videos from Picasa to Google Photos. It will be available to you in Google Photos automatically.

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