Chrome for Android to support Physical Beacons very soon

Physical Beacon

Google announced that its Chrome for Android will start supporting Physical Beacons.

Last year, this feature was introduced in the Chrome for iOS. Now, the company announced that Physical Beacons will be available soon in Chrome 49 for Android. Users will be able to interact and obtain information from places such as Schools, Sport Stadiums and shops which are necessarily Bluetooth-enabled beacons.

It is available initially now for the beta users of Chrome for Android. So, the next stable version of the app is expected to sport this feature.

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What is a Physical Beacon?

For those of you who are not aware of Physical Beacons, its concept is very simple. Let me explain it to you. There are a lot of physical devices around us. For instance, your treadmill is a physical device that allows you to track your health. Certain treadmills in the market are Bluetooth enabled and have displays as well. Now, when the Physical Web is enabled, the browser will list all the accessible nearby beacons including your treadmill. By connecting to your treadmill through your browser, you will be able to share the information between the browser and your treadmill.

Chrome for Android to support Physical Beacons very soon
Courtesy: Chromium Blog

The technology is very fresh and innovative. Now that the Google has started working on it, we can expect the Physical Web technology to grow much faster. We can also assume several leading developers and small business firms to follow the lead of Google. Physical Beacons are likely to be trending this year when the stable version of Chrome will start supporting it.

When introduced, this can be used from schools and colleges to railway stations and shops to deliver information conveniently without any hindrance.

Let us know what you think about Physical Beacons in your comments below.

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