Lockwatch app to Catch People trying to Unlock Your Android device

Lockwatch app

Your smartphone is not just a phone to take call but is one of the most important gadgets that you need every day, you can call, take picture, browse, play games and have your personal data save it in as well. So, it is very essential to secure your device. If you’re looking for an app to catch people who try to unlock your Android device Lockwatch app can help.

Of course you know how to secure your device and so you apply all the advanced method that Android provide to secure your device like password, pin or pattern to lock on your screen. But, it may happen that someone would try to open the lock and see the data in your phone and Lockwatch app is required here.

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Lockwatch App – This app sends an email to the registered email with a picture from the front camera of the person who is trying to unlock your device. The email that you receive in your inbox has the exact time and date of the captured image, a map of the area with latitude and longitude coordinates as well.

Since, this application only runs when the wrong unlock code is entered there is no tension of running low on battery as well as it is completely silent and invisible operation. No warnings are shown to the intruder who is trying to unlock your device. So, if you like to see if a friend or colleague tried to unlock your phone while you were away or you are concerned about losing your device, this app is perfect for you as it is simple and important to have around.

Lockwatch app help protect you against a lost or stolen phone by providing police with photo evidence and a location of the thief. If you want even more features, the Premium version costs $5 and provide extra features than free version like support for multiple photos, includes SIM card change detection, and even recording sound from the missed attempt.

Let us know about your experience of this app or if you have caught any of your friends trying to unlock your Android device.

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  1. Bookmarked! I actually suggested this type of an app on an Android forum about a year ago since I used to work for a boss that liked to snoop into my personal life. Although I never caught him in the act, I’d often leave my phone on my desk to charge (since I had a long commute) and I’ve always been paranoid about him going through my emails and Evernote accounts. Now I have a way to protect my privacy!

    It would be nice if you could program it to recognize your own face.. that way, it’ll just ignore it and not flood you any reports if it sees your own face.

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