Netflix goes global in additional 130 countries

Netflix global

Thanks to the exciting announcements at CES 2016, the world is witnessing the event with much awe. And this time the good news is for the Movie and TV show lovers ‘Netflix global’. The announcement comes from none other than one of the leading streaming services, Netflix. Reed Hastings, chairman, president and CEO of Netflix has made public that the company is going global and is extending its services to an additional 130 countries including developing nations such as India and the developed nations like Singapore.

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Netflix is already available in 60 countries and the announcement has just confirmed the company’s presence in 190 countries altogether. However, China is not included in the list yet. The Chinese law requires the companies to have a local partnership that allows the government to control the licensing for online content. Netflix has anyways promised that it would hold discussions with the government as well as with the local video streaming services in China to save the billions of Chinese people from the disappointment.

At the same time, Netflix is still not available in North Korea, Syria and Crimea, because, the US law doesn’t allow Netflix to operate in these countries. But, the announcement has however helped the Netflix to close its shares higher by at an all-time 9.3 %.

Netflix has announced a new HDR feature. This addition of HDR (High dynamic range) will let the users to view a million colors in the compatible TVs. The High dynamic range video also allows the compatible TVs to add shades of brightness in between black and white that would add more details for a good watching experience.

The company has also made its aims clear that it is looking forward for a business like Google’s where around 80 % of its users are from outside the US.

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Stay tuned for more updates from CES 2016.

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