Facebook Messenger ‘Photo Magic’ feature and new customization

Facebook Messenger Photo Magic

This holiday season Facebook has rolled out new feature ‘Photo Magic’ for Messenger to help you get connected with people those you love with surprise and delight of digital themes. Introducing Facebook Messenger ‘Photo Magic’ a feature that lets users to share images via Messenger and automatically tag friends in a more streamlined way along with new customized features as well.

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The best part of this feature is that sharing images are easier than before and you can manually enable or disable it as per your convenience. The moment you share the image via Messenger it will automatically create a private group chat with everyone that has been tagged in the images. It gives you the control to decide whether who can view your photo and also allows you to decide whether you’ll be recognized in a friend’s timeline or not. The Photo Magic will help you keep your promise to send the pictures you take without forgetting, or worse, leaving someone out.

The update is rolled out with other themes to customize your conversation like the choice of text color, emoji and nicknames. Everyone in the conversation gets the opportunity to play around with the options, and gets notifications each time a change is made.

Let It Snow…

Fcebook snow fall

The other customized feature is snow flurry theme. Since, it is holiday season so Facebook have brought the prettiest snowflakes to your messages. Irrespective of whether you are in any part of the world you can share some winter fun with festive themed emoji to a friend.

Confetti snow globeConfetti new year

The beloved snow globe effect for chat heads on Android is back for this season. But this feature has been rolled out for a limited time and will be visible while you chat with your friends’ and later during the new year period the chat heads will become confetti-filled.

The Facebook Messenger update are available for both [Android | iOS] Users .

Enjoy your holiday season using these new features and surprise those with love.

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Image source and credit: Facebook Messenger office web page

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