How to Remotely Ring, Lock or Wipe data from Android phone


Smartphones have really changed the way we have been using our basic phones. It has almost everything that we need like digital camera, MP3 player, flashlight, games etc. It is one of the gadget that we always keep with us. But what if we loose it or it get stolen so here come the Android Device Manager feature for help.
It would be probably the worst thing at that time but knowing that someone might have access to your data is even more depressing and dangerous. So, to help you in these kind of situations Google has filled Android with a great features that is Android Device Manager using which you can remotely ring, lock or wipe data from your Android phone. So, if you have activated the ADM feature in your phone yes you can remotely call, lock or wipe your lost device. If, you know that you are never going to get it back you can wipe data from your phone in one click from anywhere in the world by just accessing page.

Here are the are the steps to enable Android Device Manager in your phone.
Step 1: Tap on Google Settings


Remotely ring, lock and wipe data1
Step 2: Tap on Security
Remotely ring, lock and wipe data2
Step 3: Check the required option i.e. Remotely locate this device and Allow remote lock and erase option.
Remotely ring, lock and wipe data3
Step 4: Tap on Activate option
Remotely ring, lock and wipe data4
In case you have lost your device, you can use Android Device Manager by signing in to your Google Account and click on any of the button as per the current situation and your requirement.
2. Click on any of the three available option to perform the required action.
Remotely ring, lock and wipe data6
So, even if you lose you phone you have the option to be sure that your data is safe. In, next post I would give details on how to track your phone location if someone else is using it.
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