Google Maps now available offline with search and navigation features

Google maps offline for android and ios with navigation

The technology world witnessed a lot of new exciting features at the recent Google I/O event. The company as promised has brought in the enhanced offline features such as navigation and search in its Maps for Android app. It is very evident that Google is focusing on India to a great extent as the latest Google Maps offline feature is available now in India in just days after it was released in Android.

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Offline maps have already been available in Maps app for some time now, but the latest update 9.17.1 will allow users to experience search and turn-by-turn navigation without a data connection. When a new connection is found, the app will automatically switch to its online version thereby allowing the users to access the live traffic updates in the preferred route.

Furthermore, the offline version also provides information such as ratings of places, contact information and hours of operation.

Say when you want to go to the Delhi airport, search Delhi and hit download. This can also be done by going to “Offline Areas” in the Google Maps menu and hitting the “+” button. After downloading, you can navigate to the desired location with turn-by-turn navigation even though you are offline.

This feature is currently available only for Android users. Google has promised that the update will be rolled onto iOS devices very soon.

It will be very helpful for internet users who cannot afford to subscribe high data plans and are using a low-speed internet connection. As, when we use Google map online it really consumes a lot of data because it is using all the features that includes search, voice command and maps presentation as image.

Please let us know your feedback about the experience of using Google map offline and share your thoughts as well about the new feature provided by Google.

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