Step by Step guide on How to enable the new Earthquake Alert System for Android users


Google has introduced its new Earthquake Alert System for Android, a lifesaving feature aimed at assisting the millions of people residing in earthquake-prone areas. This innovative system is designed to provide advance warnings, ensuring the safety of individuals in such regions. The feature is currently in the process of rolling out and will soon be accessible to all Android devices running Android 5 or higher.

This service comes at no cost to users and operates by detecting seismic activity from around the world, alerting Android users before the actual tremors begin. Recently, Google introduced Wireless Emergency Alerts on Your Android Smartphone.

Curious about how to activate this feature and receive early earthquake notifications? Here’s a step-by-step guide:


  • An Android smartphone with version 5 or higher.
  • Access to Wi-Fi or cellular internet connectivity.

How to enable the new Earthquake Alert System on Android devices

  1. Go to your device’s Settings and activate Location Services. This step allows Google to pinpoint your device’s location and send alerts if there’s a potential earthquake in your vicinity.
  2. Next, enable the Earthquake Alert System on your phone. To do this, navigate to Settings, tap on the Safety & Emergency option, and select Earthquake Alerts. Now, to turn it on toggle the switch.

That’s all there is to it! You’ve successfully enabled the Earthquake Alert System on your Android device, and you’ll begin receiving earthquake-related updates directly on your device. Also, read about utilizing everyday Android features for enhanced Productivity and Connectivity.

For those unfamiliar with the feature, it offers two types of alerts:

Be Aware Alerts:

  • These notifications provide a heads-up for mild shaking and offer additional information when you tap on the notification.
  • Be Aware Alerts are sent only to users who will experience MMI 3 & 4 shaking during an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5 or greater.
  • They respect your device’s Volume, Do Not Disturb, and Notification settings.

Take Action Alerts:

  • These alerts are designed to capture your attention before you experience moderate to severe shaking, allowing you to take immediate protective measures.
  • Take Action Alerts are sent exclusively to users who will experience MMI 5+ shaking during an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5 or greater.
  • They override Do Not Disturb settings, activate your screen, and emit a loud sound to ensure you are alerted promptly.

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