Teachable vs. Thinkific vs. FreshLearn, which is the best platform for creators?

which is the best platform for creators

If you work as an online instructor or creator, you must be familiar with online course-building platforms. Due to the wide variety of platforms available, selecting a platform for course building is a big decision.

Two well-known platforms for building online courses that have jumped right into the e-learning business are Teachable and Thinkific.

Are you well-known about Teachable vs. Thinkific and looking for an alternative course-creating platform? If yes, choose FreshLearn because it offers all plans at reasonable costs and delivers a top-notch user experience.

This post compares Teachable, Thinkific, and FreshLearn online course-creating platforms.

Teachable vs. Thinkific vs. FreshLearn


Free: $0/ per monthFree: $0 per monthFree: $0 per month
Basic: $36 per monthBasic: $39 per monthPro: $39 per month
Start: $74 per monthPro: $99 per monthNo Brainer: $69 per month
Grow: $149 per monthBusiness: $499 per month 

From the abovementioned table, you can see that all platforms offer a free plan. Compared to Teachable and Thinkific, FreshLearn offers more courses under the free plan, which is its main advantage.

Also, the basic plan of FreshLearn is just $39 per month, which is lower than both Teachable and Thinkific. No Brainer is the last pricing option available in FreshLearn, which is $69 per month. This amount is lower than the cost of Teachable and Thinkific.

The pricing of the FreshLearn is cost-effective when compared to the other two. So if you are looking for the best budget-friendly option, opt for the FreshLearn platform.

Courses offered 

Teachable and Thinkific each offer infinite courses, students, and course materials, but they can only be scaled according to the plans. This and much more are available on FreshLearn’s Free Plan alone.

Saying that FreshLearn offers course creator-friendly costs is an exaggeration, especially compared to Thinkific and Teachable, which charge eight times as much for the same features and less functionality.

Customer support

Customer support is a crucial component that determines the overall effectiveness of any software. FreshLearn offers live customer service around the clock. Additionally, FreshLearn provides a YouTube channel devoted to answering user questions with how-to videos. To assure the security of the downloaded content, FreshLearn provides a free account migration service.

On the other hand, both Teachable and Thinkific do not offer their creators 24-hour live chat assistance, do not assist their creators, or do so exclusively for those creators who have purchased the more expensive plans. Also, they do not provide full course migration from other platforms. So, if you want to switch to one of these platforms, you must do it yourself.

Unique features of FreshLearn

Online Community

An online community is a place where people can connect via shared experiences, aspirations, and objectives. Open your FreshLearn admin account and log in.

You can click a community from the product option. Click Create Community, then enter a name and description for the community. Finally, click the save option.

Product bundle

When many items are combined and offered as a single unit for a fixed price, this practice is known as product bundling. You can easily create a product bundling in FreshLearn. By logging in to the FreshLearn admin account, click on product bundle from the product options.

Enter the necessary details and click save. By clicking on the pricing menu, you can choose the pricing plan according to your wish. After adding the pricing plan, you can modify the page’s appearance and functionality by selecting the edit icon next to the checkout page URL. Once you hit publish, your bundle will go online.

Place the URL for the checkout page on any landing page or share it directly to start receiving enrollment requests. After enrolling, a member can access all of the products in the bundle.

Online course 

The process of creating a course on FreshLearn is simple. Log into your FreshLearn account and select Create Course to start a new course. Click products on the menu’s left-hand side. The selection of products will expand.

When you select products, the course creation option will appear in the top right-hand corner of the screen’s center. The course creation page will open, allowing you to enter the course title, description, author, and optional card image. Later, you have the option to modify them.

After filling out the form, click the “Create course” button to be directed to the section where you may submit your curriculum, pricing, etc. After filling in all the options. Your course creation process has already begun successfully.


You may create your online live classes or events with Masterclass. Anyone may enroll in the Masterclass for a fee or for free. Masterclasses are a fantastic way to interact in person with your members and impart your knowledge.

A course can take some time, but masterclasses can be set up instantly, and every developer should participate in them. Masterclasses are a fantastic method to advertise your courses, some of which may be premium.

You will then be directed to the details screen, where you can set up the Masterclass to create the Masterclass.

Digital downloads 

With the digital downloads function, you may develop and market ebooks, white papers, and other things that members can download to their computers after purchasing.

Upload the PDFs and videos or provide particular URLs, and the members can access and download them once they have paid for or signed up for free membership.

You can create a digital download by clicking Create Digital Download and entering the necessary details.


Utilizing assessments is an excellent technique to identify the learning gaps and members’ areas for improvement. Other factors include establishing goals for members’ areas of expertise, reviewing and observing the teaching and learning process, and more.

You may develop, publish, and perform other sophisticated tasks in assessments on FreshLearn. Open your FreshLearn admin account and log in.

Choose the Assessments option from the product. Then select Create Assessment. Click Save after providing the assessment’s name, description, and optional image. You will get the welcome screen.

Final words

Although Teachable and Thinkific are excellent options, by choosing FreshLearn, creators can experience several cutting-edge features at reasonable pricing, enable easy business growth, and drive low prices for creators.

And the best part of the FreshLearn is it comes with a free forever plan. So still, what are you waiting for? Choose a FreshLearn platform for creating your online course platform.

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