Microsoft 365 Backup vs Third-Party Backup Services: Which Is Better for Your Business?

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Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) is a cloud-based platform that has fundamentally altered how people and organizations conduct business in this era of digital transformation. Despite the extensive set of tools for productivity and collaboration provided by Microsoft 365, data security is still a shared responsibility between users and Microsoft. Because of this, it is crucial to have a backup strategy that is in line with your demands for data security and compliance. In situations like these, third-party backup services can be useful since they provide a number of benefits that guarantee the security, usability, and recoverability of vital company data. The benefits of third-party backup services over Microsoft 365 backup capabilities will be discussed in this article.

Benefits of a Third-Party Backup Service Over Microsoft 365 Backup

While the basic cloud storage provided by the built-in Microsoft 365 backup capabilities is useful to a certain extent, there are several advantages that third-party backup services have over Microsoft’s OneDrive. Investigate them below.

Enhanced data protection

Businesses may encounter unfavorable events including malicious attacks, insider threats, and unintentional deletions. The optimal backup strategy is one that can lessen the impact of such events. Microsoft 365 backup does have several features for data storage and retrieval. Sadly, they do not fully mitigate the instances listed above. Businesses end up paying a price because of this. Third-party backup services come into play in this situation because they provide greater protection by giving you a secure, isolated copy of your data.

Long-term data storage

Businesses can benefit immensely from long-term data preservation. These advantages include, among other things, simple access to historical data, audit readiness, litigation support, customer insight, employee training and knowledge transfer, market analysis, benchmarking and goal setting, disaster recovery and business continuity, intellectual property protection, and future forecasts. You can only get all of these advantages if you have a data backup system that keeps long-term data in various stages of development throughout time. Microsoft 365 backup only saves the latest version of a file in OneDrive. Because third-party backup services provide long-term data preservation that includes access to versions of files from different points in time, these services are helpful in this situation.

Regulations and compliance obligations

Business data retention is governed by regulatory laws. Despite the fact that these rules vary depending on the industry, strict adherence to regulations is required. The capabilities of Microsoft 365 backup are not sufficient in assisting businesses in fully adhering to these laws. On the other hand, third-party backup services provide specialized capabilities such as audit readiness, customized retention policies, and encryption that comply with various regulatory standards to assist each firm in meeting these compliance needs.

Less administrative work

When you work together with third-party backup services, the administrative workload is minimized. This is made possible by the management’s ability to concentrate on more important activities thanks to the third-party backup solution’s unified management dashboard and simplified interface. On the other hand, setting up, monitoring, and managing backups with native Microsoft tools would take a lot of time and resources. Partnering with a third-party backup solution is advantageous for this reason.

Concluding Thoughts on Microsoft 365 Backup vs Third-Party Backup Services

The benefits of third-party backup services over Microsoft 365 backup have been covered in this article. While Microsoft 365 backup provides certain data protection capabilities, businesses that value uninterrupted operation, long-term data preservation, compliance with legal standards, and decreased administrative responsibilities must use a third-party backup solution.

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