How Can Help You Write Better?

Help You Write Better

This post probably caught your attention because you’re looking to improve your writing skills. Have you watched videos or asked professionals about it?

Whether you’re a writer or blogger, you might find the Sentence Rephraser a valuable tool from time to time. The tool is a favorite among many writers, especially those who are trying to improve their writing skills.

Do you know a sentence rephrase can actually help you make your writing better? But how exactly?

In this post, we will discuss how help you make your writing better and what are the accurate ways to use the tool for improving your writing skills.

So, make sure you read the complete post.

What is a is an AI-powered tool that is designed and built using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and various Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to do AI rephrasing of sentences.

It rephrases sentences by generating multiple rephrased versions of them so that the user can select any one rephrased option from the list that matches his style of writing.

How does Help in Better Writing?

You might be wondering how a rephrasing tool that does your writing job can help you improve your writing.

Well, a study has proved that human beings learn more from practical demonstrations therefore, when you use it will demonstrate a few things which you can learn and practice in your actual writing.

What are those things? Below you will find a list:

·         Improves the flow of sentences

Rephrasing sentences manually that are gripping to read is not something that comes naturally to every individual but, is great at generating sentences that flow naturally.

The tool improves the flow of sentences by making them concise and clear, clarity is the key to a better understanding.

The tool uses better synonyms to replace the words in the original sentences especially if the vocabulary is high end the tool will replace it with simple and easy-to-understand vocabulary.

If you read the sentences rephrased by the tool and observe them carefully you can actually improve your writing by practicing this technique.


Let’s take an example to see how the tool rephrases sentences to improve their flow:

From this example, we can observe that the tool rephrases the source sentence by generating different rephrased versions of it that are much clear than the original one.

·         Use a wide range of vocabulary

The tool rephrases sentences by using a wide range of vocabulary to replace words from source text so that there won’t be any plagiarism in the rephrased sentences.

You can learn different vocabulary for the same word if you observe the working of the tool and use those words in your future writing.

This will not just improve your vocabulary but also help you in the better delivery of sentences. All you need to do is observe, learn, and implement.

·         Improves the sentence tone

The sentence’s tone depends on how well you are connecting words with each other to form a concise yet clear sentence.

Rephrasing a sentence manually with the aim to improve its tone is not something that every writer prioritizes but, it is a very crucial thing for the success of your content.

The AI-powered rewrites sentences by naturally merging their words in a manner that they connect with each other to improve the tone of the sentence.


Let’s see the actual demonstration of how this tool improves the sentence’s tone.

From this example, we can see that the tool does improve the tone of the source text as the original text is a little rocky to read but its rephrased versions are full of good elements.

·         Removes redundant words from the sentence

The redundancy of words is what makes a sentence poor in readability that is why it is crucial to rephrase sentences that do not contain repeated words.

Manually taking care of redundant words is a hell of a task especially if the content is lengthy because you can not remove redundant words from every sentence without investing your time and a lot of effort.

This is where comes to save you, the tool analyzes the sentences before rephrasing them and if redundant words exist in the original text the tool removes them while rephrasing the original text.

The tool does this very brilliantly if you observe it carefully and practice it in your actual writing you can make your writing much better.

How to use for better writing?

·         Copy/paste the text into the tool

To rephrase sentences that seem perfect, you first need to copy the entire text and paste it into the Sentenerephraser’s left input box.

·         Double-click on the sentence to rephrase

In order to rephrase sentences, you must follow sentence by sentence approach. Double-click on the sentence to select it for rephrasing.

·         Click on the ‘Rephrase’ button

Next, to start the rephrasing process you need to click on the red ‘Rephrase’ button popping with your selected sentence, as you can see below:

·         Select one rephrased sentence from the list

Once you click on the ‘Rephrase’ button the tool will start rephrasing your selected sentence and within a minute it will show a list of alternative sentences in the right white box, what you have to do is read all the rephrased sentences and select one that you think is much better in readability than others.

·         Your selected sentence is replaced

After selecting one rephrased option from the list you will see that automatically replaces the rephrased sentence with the original one.

You can copy the rephrased text by clicking on the ‘Copy Icon’ below and use the text wherever you want.

This is how you can use to make your existing writing better, you can use this AI-powered tool free of cost.

Final Verdict is an excellent tool to improve your writing skills, the tool uses a few tactics to rephrase sentences that seem like a human being has written.

You can use the tool and learn from its demonstration, how it rephrases sentences making them better in readability, and implement those techniques to make your writing skills better.

In the above sections, we have mentioned how you can use a tool in a few simple steps so, go, read, and start improving your writing today!

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