5 Untold Mobile Apps You Can Use for Writing Your Masters Dissertation

Untold Mobile Apps for Writing

The development of technology has made it quite simple to write a master’s dissertation. It’s because you can write your dissertation using a variety of cutting-edge tools and apps that are available today. To write well, students need to be familiar with these resources.

Mobile phones play an important role in our daily lives and activities. Mobile phones are no longer the common communication tool they once were, thanks to the ongoing rapid transition. Thanks to the many amazing features and chances that mobile phones provide, it has grown to be the center of attention for both individuals and enterprises. Mobile computing has reached a complete level of fresh and novel experience as a result of the cumulative advancement of mobile technology, the accessibility and availability of high-speed internet, and the wonderful communicative interface in these gadgets. The creation of mobile applications allows for this (mobile apps).

This article will tell 5 untold mobile apps you can use for writing your master’s dissertation.

1.     Grammarly Premium:

Grammarly is the first mobile application you can use for a master’s dissertation. Many students utilize Grammarly, a well-liked piece of writing software, to proofread their dissertations. All authors, from novices to experts, can benefit from the tool. The user has access to more than 250 grammatical rules and 100 style checks with the Premium version. In 2009, Alex Weil and Anna Shternshaber launched the business. They established Grammarly Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts, after a year of study, then in 2012 they relocated to San Francisco.

The Grammarly Premium is separated from other grammar-checking software by a number of features, including:

– Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant edits text as you type and offers ideas for improvements

– The text is also checked for plagiarism by Grammarly Premium. It offers writing advice in addition to grammar and spelling checks, vocabulary usage checks, style checks, and readability checks.

 – With the free trial version of Grammarly, you can access the premium features without purchasing a membership. Although there is no cap on how frequently one can use Grammarly Premium during the trial period, it will cease to function after that point.

2. Evernote:

Evernote is another resource you might utilize in your master’s thesis. This function can also be used to post reminders. You must be able to write well if you want to be a great writer. That holds true regardless of your level of experience as a writer. You must be able to discover your voice as a writer, identify the phrases that suit you, and comprehend the influence of language. Before you begin writing, make sure you have enough time to study and compose. Make sure you’re using a reliable note-taking program, such as Evernote.

When working on the project, it’s crucial to make sure you’re actually taking notes, creating an outline, and writing things down. So keep in mind to use Evernote when writing your master’s dissertation if you want to be able to retain material in your memory. By doing so, you can make plans for the future and keep in mind your goals.

3.     Mendeley:

Mendeley is a platform that enables you to write your master’s dissertation independently and export the manuscript to Google Drive or Evernote for easier editing. You may look for these using Mendeley as well. You may keep track of your references and make progress toward your thesis using Mendeley, an online application. Despite not being just for theses and dissertations, it is a fantastic tool. It’s also excellent for anyone attempting to conduct research and compose a thesis. You should use Mendeley in your dissertation as well. It enables you to share your research with your pupils and sync word-processing documents with your research project.

Mendeley is an excellent tool to keep track of your work and quickly access it if you need to go back and look at something, but using it to write your thesis isn’t ideal. Additionally, since you may view your work in the same manner as in your time zone, it is a helpful way to keep track of your work when you are in a different time zone.

4.     Otter:

A master’s dissertation could be written in a different manner or under a different name. You must express your expectations of the brand and your willingness to work with them. Otter is an excellent tool to utilize when writing a master’s thesis to make sure you’re writing in the appropriate style. First off, it’s a fantastic technique to train your brain to focus on rhythm and structure. It’s critical to employ the appropriate syntax when writing a master’s thesis. The Otter method is the most effective way to accomplish that. To make sure you adhere to the correct kind of grammar, use Otter when writing

What Otter means and what it means to write a dissertation are very poorly understood. It’s crucial to understand how you’re using Otter when writing your dissertation. If you’re unsure, write your master’s dissertation using Otter.

5. Dropbox:

A drop box is a terrific tool for keeping track of your work and allowing access from several devices. It might be used as a repository for your files and as a place to save your work. You can utilize the drop box as a mechanism for storing additional content that you’re involved in or that you’d like to share with others instead of only using it to write your dissertation. Dropbox can help, whether you’re trying to build a business case or you just need a location to save your files.

The official, written version of your master’s thesis will be your master’s dissertation. What you accomplished and learned while earning your master’s degree will be fully documented in your dissertation. You must have the ability to use Dropbox in order to prepare a dissertation. Everything you write may be quickly shared and uploaded via drop box. Because everything will be securely uploaded as long as you’re online, you can stop worrying about losing any of your work.


The above guide has given essential mobile apps you need for your master’s dissertation. You can write your dissertation from the convenience of your hand with these apps. It’s an app that allows you to write your dissertation from your phone, and it’s very clever.

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