Top 7 Qualities to Look For in Remote Developers before Hiring

Hire High-Quality Remote Developers by Looking for These Traits

Thinking about hiring remote developers from a top IT outsourcing company? Remote development of IT products has taken off in a big way in recent years. The success of the remote development model can be estimated from the fact that the global IT outsourcing market is expected to reach a figure of $1.06 trillion by 2030.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who want help in selecting the best remote developers for their digital project requirements, then this blog can help. We have detailed the top qualities you should assess before hiring your remote development team.

Top qualities to look for in remote developers

Here are the top qualities that you should look for in remote developers to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Must be technically sound

When it comes to engaging with individuals who work remotely for your project and your business, it is wise to look into certain factors when hiring remote developers. Our advice is to prioritize checking their technology proficiency in the niche technology that they’ll be working with, along with their experience in that technology.

A single technology may work for you, but it’s better if the developers are proficient in a wide range of technologies. Developers who have more knowledge and experience in relevant areas will help to ensure that the development process moves ahead smoothly.

Before finalizing the dedicated developers, make sure to ask for work samples from them.

Should be Adaptable

Losing time working with remote developers who are not a perfect fit is one of the worst feelings. You need to consider a variety of other factors while searching for remote developers who will work with dedication.

Flexibility is a very desirable quality for remote developers in order to ensure that they are able to adjust their work approach according to your project requirements. For example, being flexible with the hours they work the method of project delivery, or the mode of communication.

When developers working remotely on your project are willing to change their working methods, they consider themselves to be a part of the project and take ownership of it. Hence you should hire remote developers who are willing to learn and adapt to the new working pattern.

Must have a Solution-oriented Mindset

Always hire developers who have a solution-oriented mindset. Software development is an unpredictable process, and there’s always the possibility of encountering unforeseen hiccups or developmental challenges. However, when you have someone working on your team who has a positive attitude and problem-solving skills, it becomes much easier to rectify the situation.

Experts with problem-solving experience and expertise can outs out bugs or crash quickly and find the best solution. Having this ability sets developers apart from other remote professionals who are just Googling things.

When outsourcing a project, assess the developers’ abilities by asking them about any roadblocks they encountered in previous software development and the solutions they provided.

You can also ask for resources and communities they believe will provide needed help or assistance, which will shed light on their level of resourcefulness.

Great Communication Skills

When outsourcing projects, dealing with different languages and cultures can be challenging. A good communicator is essential for decision-making. Ensure that your remote development experts have strong communication skills.

Your job descriptions should include a requirement that the applicant has good communication skills and can interact with the team members in a way that ensures everybody is on the same page in terms of project goals, potential problems, and possible solutions. Knowledge of communication tools such as Slack, Project Management System, and Skype will be equally important.

Besides communication skills, being vocal about your opinion and bringing attention to the weak points of the project is crucial. This quality is essential for teamwork and productivity, and this can be seen in successful teams.

Should have Experience

Talent is not the only thing to look at while hiring remote development specialists. Experience can be a big help in figuring out how to deal with new technologies and potential problems. A specialist with great experience can be an advantage to the development team.

Previous work experience is a key factor to look for when hiring remote developers. Experience determines how much knowledge the developers have polished over the course of their development career. The experience demonstrates their technical expertise in a variety of areas, allowing them to complete tasks without the need for training.

Should have Reliable and Secure Equipment

Most of the remote workers you hire will be able to use their existing equipment. However, sometimes the technical requirements are such that you must determine whether or not the developers have the necessary equipment. If not, are they willing to invest in new technology, such as a Mac or PC, a headset, and specific software and services?

As more and more of your communication will take place online, it’s vital that the remote team has quality security measures in place. This includes access to the internet, protection for digital devices, anti-virus protection, and encryption for communications. If your remote developers work outside the office or in their homes, you should ensure they have a password-protected hotspot instead of using free Wi-Fi. Remember keeping your data secure is one of the major responsibilities that your remote team should shoulder.

Teamwork and good soft skills

Good soft skills are essential, as your remote developers won’t be of any use if they cannot work with other team members. It’s important they’re cognizant of cultural and behavioral differences as they work with their team members. You should try to understand your remote workers’ personalities, preferences, and behavior before you make a decision.

By asking the remote developer a few questions verbally or making them fill out a form beforehand, you can quickly determine whether they are an ideal candidate for your project based on their personality traits, values, and beliefs.


Hiring a remote team of offshore developers can prove to be a tricky task. In addition to that knowing the right model to select from the different hiring models available is also important. However, with the right approach, you can hire remote development professionals with the desired skill set. By choosing to look at the factors mentioned in this blog, you are, in effect, increasing your chances of employing high-quality remote resources.

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