Cryptocurrency Trends for the Nearest Future

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In spring 2022, the cryptocurrency market lived through collapse, when following the BTC price, all other
assets’ cryptocurrency exchange rates dropped significantly. As of October 2022, we see the market is in
stagnation. To understand how the crypto market works, let’s consider its main trends:

  • A bear trend – that is what we witnessed in spring 2022 when all crypto rates dropped.
    Investors get rid of their savings, creating a snowball effect, and crushing the market.
  • A bull trend – the opposite situation, when the demand for crypto assets grows, and
    everyone want to buy them. It spurs crypto cryptocurrency exchange rates to a sharp

These market trends always follow each other, so after this “crypto winter,” we all should expect the next
bull trend. It would be wise to purchase digital assets now as cryptocurrency rates are reduced. The strategy that works the best, in this case, is “buy and hold”. Let’s talk about the most promising digital
assets to invest in.

Cryptos that are Expected to Rise

Regardless of a huge price drop, the crypto market is evolving. There are some promising projects that
have already gained immense popularity and extensive communities:

  • Solana
  • Cardano
  • Polkadot
  • Decentraland
  • XRP
  • The Sandbox.

Some of these projects aim to improve the real sector financial institutions and facilitate the processes of
money transfers worldwide; others are focused on metaverses and games, allowing users to monetize
their content. We should understand that the most prominent projects in the crypto industry are now
associated with NFTs, metaverses, DeFi products, blockchain games, etc., and this direction will evolve.

Soon we will see many more new up-and-coming projects in this field.
If you want to become an investor in promising crypto industry projects, look at the WhiteBIT platform. It
offers cryptocurrency live prices, low fees, and secure tools for investing and trading. The platform
operates officially and complies with European jurisdiction.

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