Which App Helps Me Increase My Instagram Likes?



Don’t we all want our cool aunt to like us? Forget like! Love us.

Yes! You have guessed right. Instagram is that cool, aunt. The cool aunt of the social media family.

Instagram has witnessed abnormal growth in the past year. Since then, it has not looked back. Not even in anger. If you know what I mean. Especially with the introduction of new features and constant updating. Instagram has been successful in engaging quite a number of audiences.

Also, to go beyond the usual, several applications and solutions are available, such as igmods. You just need to know the correct way to do it. 

List Of Apps That You Need To, Boost Up The Number Of Likes.

“Being famous on Instagram …

Is like being rich in Monopoly.”

There are multiple ways to attract followers and likes on Instagram. However, after thorough research, I have been able to come up; with a list of apps and websites that will help you fetch your desired number of followers. Here are a few popular websites that I am certain will do the trick for you. The following are:

1. StimSocial

One of the best options available. StimSocial is a wholesome tool among other websites and applications. It creates a database of the exact groups and types of profiles and audience that serves as your probable reach. After analyzing the profiles, it then automates likes and keeps track of the profiles that belong to people who get intrigued by similar interests. It then matches the contents that you have posted with the contents of these related profiles.

Offering insight and providing useful information and databases. StimSocial helps you keep track of the happenings of your profile. This way, you can easily enhance and manipulate follower growth, along with increasing your sales.

You can opt for its five-day trial plan to check the compatibility.

2. Grow Social

Grow Social has the potential to work on 2 different fronts at the same time. Making it feasible for you to gain more followers on Instagram at a fast pace.

Among the two fronts, the first would be automatic interaction. This can be initiated by employing the use of hashtags, geolocation, etc. The second one would be scheduling your posts- both for the feed as well as the stories.

The notable feature of this application would be an in-built photo editor. Which will help you to create fun content on social media platforms. It even has a feature that sends direct messages to your new followers automatically. This helps define your metrics.

You can try their 3-day free trial plan.

3. GetInsta

One of the best applications to help you get followers quickly. It gives you an organic rise in the number of likes and followers. It provides a platform that is absolutely free and safe. Here users can follow, like share, and engage with each other.

It escalates communication.

GetInsta is one of the easiest when it comes to using it. It has got a special feature. Earning free coins. One can free coins by just following people and liking their posts. These free coins can be used at a later date to set tasks for your followers and, in the process, get a few more likes for yourself.

 Interaction is authentic here.

4. Buffer

An easily available scheduling application for Instagram. With its extremely lucid & intuitive interface, creating posts and scheduling them seems like child’s play. There are fewer chances of facing issues on Buffer.

It is ideal for people who are not so well-versed with Instagram analytics. It also offers you equipment for tracking the new number of followers on your account and checking the likes and comments on your post. 

They have a free trial as well as a paid version. Try whichever suits your budget.

5. Iconosquare

Wondering how to get Instagram followers quickly? If yes, Then Iconosquare will serve as your best friend. It is ideal for people who are considering online platforms to market their brand or company. We all know how important it is for professional accounts to have a specific number of followers. It helps them generate credibility.

Have multiple business accounts and fail to manage them all at once? Iconosquare is your solution.

With their 14-day free trial plan, you can get accustomed to its features. Features that keep you updated about the brands you are competing with. It also offers you a detailed insight into what trends to follow that will help you get noticed.

6. HootSuite

One of the first of the lot. This digital social media manager is integrated with many social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on and so forth.

It highlights notifications for you. Notifications include mentions, tags in the comment section, new followers, etc. This definitely makes interaction easy. This way, you do not miss out on anything.

7. Follower Analyzer

All of us have that one friend who sends everyone  ‘follow requests’ only to get a follow-up. The second their purpose is served, they stop following you exactly when you need a Follower Analyzer. To catch these malicious snakes.

It helps you keep track of people who have been active or inactive on your posts. You can even find people with similar interests as yours, who are mutual with your followers.


No matter what I say, always go by your compatibility and budget, For some of these applications can cost you a fortune. This list is to provide you with a basic idea about the common options that you can avail yourself.

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