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School and college are all about educating yourself to improve your writing and reading skills. These skills help me write unique academic papers. Students are taught different structures and formats for essay writing and thesis writing which feature striking introductions and concise conclusions.

But when you have to stay under a world limit while explaining everything on point, you have to summarize things as a whole. That’s where you need a summarizing tool to submit concise and straight-to-the-point essays before reaching the deadline.

This article will present the most widely used text summarizers students and academic writers recommended. Each of these tools works under a reliable algorithm that does most of the job for you so that you don’t have to spend hours proofreading or editing your essays.

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1. Prepostseo.com

Concise writing puts limitations like word limits and percentages, which are challenging to manage in your natural writing. There is always a slight variation when summarizing content on your own. But when it comes to the Prepostseo.com text summarization feature, precision is the key feature.

AI-based Algorithm

This tool will give you the most accurate and error-free results, whether creating precis writing or business email. The AI-powered NLP technology helps to retain the original meaning and ensures cover all the pain points in the summarized version of your original text.

Set Summarizing Percentage

This tool allows multiple options to reduce the word length while maintaining the original meaning. Paste the original text in the input box and set the word limit in the field mentioned in the top right center of the interface.

Reduce by Words

You can also set the summarization limit to reduce the word count. If you want to turn 1000 words in half, you can set % a 50 limit to make it manageable. The percentage can be placed anywhere between 1 to 100, which will cover the main elements of the original passage accordingly.


  • Allows to summarize by words
  • You can set the summarization percentage
  • Maintains original structure with the bullet points option
  • Supports a wide range of languages
  • No word limitation


  • No option to download the output result
  • Make sure to check the bullet option to maintain the original structure

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2. Esummarizer.com

The tool that helps create a summary for your essays and research projects can be a reliable choice for multipurpose usage. Esummarizer is an efficient tool loved by academic writers and blog writers.

Filter by Sentence

You can set the filter for summarizing the text against the number of sentences. This option makes it ideal for creating summarized text for essays and blogs.

Simplified Interface

The interface of this tool does not feature any unwanted visuals or buttons to make it challenging to operate. You’ll find a plain input field on the website where you can put the text you want to summarize.

Then, press the summarize button, and within seconds, you’ll get the concise results on the right side of the input field. The save button is featured underneath the output text that instantly downloads the file to your local storage.


  • Ads-free experience
  • Feature to import summarized text
  • Summarize by sentence option
  • Free and unlimited usage


  • No export file option
  • No ‘Summarize by percentage’ option

3. Summarizingtool.io

Summarizingtool.io is a versatile tool that can be used to create summaries for essays, research projects, or any other written content. It is a favorite among both academic and blog writers due to its efficiency.

Filter by Sentence

You can choose the number of sentences you want to include in your summary using the filter option. This feature is particularly useful for summarizing essays and blogs.

Simplified Interface

The tool has a simple interface with no unnecessary visuals or buttons to make it difficult to use. There is a plain input field where you can enter the text you want to summarize.

Once you press the summarize button, you will get the summarized results in seconds on the right side of the input field. You can save the file to your local storage by clicking the save button located below the output text.


No Premium Plan

Import summarized text feature

Summarize by key points option

Safe and free usage


No option to summarize by percentage.

4. Summarizer.org

A significant concern with the text summarizing process is that you always fear missing out on any vital information while shortening the passage. This concern can be dealt with using Summarizer.org. This tool allows for maintaining the best structure of your content under the required word count.

Set Summary Length

The interface of this tool features a bar to set the length of a paragraph or text. You can manually fix this length by adjusting the long or short side scroll bar. Once you have set the bar, paste your text and click the ‘Summarize now’ to get results in just a few seconds.

Show the Best Sections

This tool includes an option to have bullets in the summary. Make sure to check to mark the ‘Show Bullets’ option that allows generating an overview in the form of sentences featured in bullet points. Otherwise, the summarized text will be presented in the form of paragraphs.

There is another filter that highlights the most prominent sections of your passage. Check the ‘Best Lines’ option, and the crawler will look for the most valuable lines in your content.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Shows bullets and best lines in the text
  • Preserves the original meaning of the words for a better understanding
  • Ensures the safety and integrity of data
  • Allows to upload text files for summarization


  • No option to reduce text by a word limit

5. Simplish.org

The advancement of technology has created tools that work on some legitimate parameters. Among these tools is the Simplish intelligent text summarizer, which works on a word’s semantic relevance to summarize lengthy text into more readable and concise.

Large Wordcount Support

Various text summarizers have a limit of 3000 words or less as their algorithm does not work correctly. But with simplism, you summarize up to 5000 words, paragraphs, and sentences at a time.

This word count is sufficient for research papers and essays. The significant word count is broken down into several paragraphs for ease of reading.

Multi Linguistic Support

This tool is capable of supporting multiple languages at a time. If you have entered different paragraphs featuring different languages, then the algorithm would still work to summarize the overall text. The tool supports complex languages written from left to right and right to left format.

Grammar and Plagiarism Check

This tool offers an interface grammar and plagiarism checker that helps proofread the article before saving it instantly. You can also perform a final check on spelling


  • It supports multiple languages at the same time
  • Allows grammar and spelling checks in real time
  • Supports large word count length


  • It works as a free trial for some options
  • It takes a while to process the summary

6. Summarygenerator.com

This tool was developed to enhance college students’ writing and reading experience. The Summary Generator online tool gives you instant access to produce conclusions. The overall usage of this tool is free, so no registration or payment method is required after a defined time.

Simple and easy to use

The interface includes only three buttons and an input field. You can summarize the text, copy the summary, and clear the input field. All these options simplify things simplified for students without getting into complexities.

While this tool offers simplicity of usage, there are some drawbacks. The interface features many ads that might give an annoying experience for users.


  • Easy-to-operate interface
  • No word count limit
  • Free and unlimited usage
  • Loads results quickly


  • No option to set the summarization frequency
  • No option to download the summarized text


Text summarization tools can be of great help to students and academic writers. Information presented concisely is more readable and easier to understand. Performing summarization or precis writing can take hours, and still, you may lack quality or limitations.

This process becomes more accessible and quicker with online text summarization tools. These tools are not just helpful for students to adhere to deadlines. However students can also use these tools to practice and improvise their editing, reading, and writing skills.

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