How to Compress PDF File Size for Free (3-Best Methods)

How to Compress PDF

Yes, there are different websites that come with PDF file size restrictions, which means they do not allow you to upload a PDF with a file size of more than a certain limit. This is where a person only has one option to procced that is to simply compress PDF and reduce its file size, but how to reduce pdf file? The simple and best way to compress pdf is to start using an online PDF compressor.

Well, in this context we have some of the best-proven methods through which you could easily compress PDF files to use on PDFdrive or for any other purpose. The best about these methods is that they are completely free and are even compatible with all major operating systems.

How to Compress PDF online?

The first method is very user-friendly that allows you to compress PDF online with the assistance of an online PDF compressor. The great thing is that it is supported by macOS, Windows 10, Android, and iOS. Stick with these steps to get started.

  • Make a visit to “” and seek for compress pdf from its search bar
  • Once you reached the PDF compressor page, then simply upload one or more PDF document files that you want to compress
  • Once the uploading process is finished, you just ought to press the compress PDF button
  • Wait for a couple of seconds to get your compressed PDF file

How to Compress PDF on Mac?

If you’re on a Mac, then you don’t even need an online PDF compressor any third-part app to compress PDF files. Instead, Mac users can be able to compress PDF files offline. Follow these steps:

  • Open the preview program
  • Now, you have to open the PDF file that you’d want to compress
  • Once your PDF document file is loaded, then make a click on the File > click on Export
  • Now, you could easily change the Quartz Filter from the None to Reduce File Size
  • Finally, you have to hit the Save button to go ahead and simply store the compressed PDF document file on your system

How to Compress PDF on Windows 10?

There are innumerable numbers of third-party apps that allow you to compress PDF documents offline, however, one of the bestoptions is using 4dots Free PDF Compress, it also works as the best PDF compressor These are the steps that let you compress PDF with it:

  • At first, you have to download 4dots Free PDF Compress and install it on your Windows 10 system
  • Now, you have to open this PDF compressor app and make a click on the Add File button to add the PDF that you want to compress. Simply you need to locate and choose the PDF > click Open
  • Now, you have to choose the option how much you to compress the image quality
  • Once done, you have to tap on the Compress button and you have done. Now, your compressed PDF document file will be saved on your systems (Windows 10 PC)

Sharing And Viewing Compressed PDF Files:

Compressing a PDF file is something that allows you to reduce the file size without distorting the quality too much (unless you want to). This even makes it quite easy to share online, over email, or different other file-sharing services. Even you could easily password protect your PDF document files to keep the contents of sensitive documents safe from any third party or snoopers. So, just upload any PDF document file into PDF compressor and let it compress PDF online to 100 or little PDF size.

If you are seeking a way to open a PDF document file, then you just have to install a good PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat DC or Foxit Reader.

Let’s Sum Up:

Thankfully, you come to know different methods that allow you to compress PDF files for free. One of the best methods to compress PDF files is by using an online PDF compressor. Now, we hope that you don’t face any problems corresponding to the size of a PDF document file, and if you do, then simply account for an online PDF compressor that compresses PDF files without sacrificing the quality of your document.

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