Which Recorder Is Better Bandicam Or Camtasia?

Which is better Bandicam or Camtasia

Screen recorders nowadays come with a great variety of features, which make them a great choice for making tutorials, lectures, and even gameplay. Two of the most famous recorders are Bandicam and Techsmith Camtasia. Both these records come with a variety of features and tools that make them worthy.

First, we will read about the features that both of these providers so that you can choose the better option for you. Later, we will make a little comparison of both the screen recorders.

Features Offered By Bandicam And Camtasia

Let’s discuss the features that are offered by both these programs one-by-one:


It is one of the best screen recording software in terms of the quality of videos and features that it provides. Camtasia has an amazing in-built editing feature that is filled with tools using which you can edit your videos after their creation.

It is widely used for making gameplay videos and other tutorials. It lets you record high-quality videos and you can directly share them to the respective social media platform. You can also live-cast your gameplay or video through this platform.

Features Of Camtasia

  • Camera and screen recording: It lets you capture your screen as well as camera video simultaneously. Thus you can create a video with the recording of your screen as well as your own video through a webcam.
  • Annotations: You can easily add annotations to your videos such as callouts, shapes, highlights, blur, arrows, lines, etc.
  • Add effects: Other effects such as audio effects, video effects, and transitions, etc. can also be added to your video to make it more dynamic.
  • Capture mouse movement: Camtasia allows you to capture the movement of your mouse so that you can highlight it in the video and clearly depict it while doing illustrations or teaching gameplays.
  • Music track: You can add a music track from your system and other sound effects to your video to make it more interesting.
  • Magnetic track: When you combine various video clips to make one, the magnetic track makes sure that there is no gap left in between them and a smooth compilation of the videos is created.
  • Scene transitions: The transitions that Camtasia provides to be added between different scenes are amazing and it helps you make more dynamic videos.

We have seen that both Camtasia and Bandicam provide their own sets of features for the user. Based on your preferences, you can easily configure which one is a better option for you. Yet, in case you still have a little bit of doubt about the better option, we will make a little comparison between the two.


Bandicam is a software that has versions for mobile as well as PC. It is considered as a potential alternative to Camtasia. You can use it to record any type of video on your device. It is mostly used for professional gameplay recording. This software comes with a variety of modes including video recording mode, screen capturing mode, game recording mode, etc.

It supports many different kinds of file formats such as Xvid, MPEG-1, MJPEG, etc. Also, it has a unique feature that compresses the file in such a way that it takes up the least possible space, with the highest possible definition and video quality.

Features of Bandicam

  • Select recording area: Bandicam gives you an option of recording the whole screen or a specific part of it. You can select the area of the screen that you want to record so that you need not crop the video later.
  • Drawing in real-time: This feature allows you to draw and outline your video and take screenshots while recording the video itself. This is a very useful feature for online lectures or illustrations.
  • Game recording: Its special mode called Game recording mode helps you record 4K Ultra HD videos with a frame rate of up to 144 FPS, to help you create amazing gameplays.
  • Add webcam video: It also gives you the option to add your own video into the screen recording through the webcam on the PC and the front camera on the mobile.
  • Device recording: With Bandicam, you can record the voice of your device as well as external voices through the mic and add it into the screen recording in real-time.
  • Graphic technology: Bandicam gives you the provision of recording games using DirectX/ OpenGL graphic technology support, which lets you create high-definition videos.
  • Compression technology: It works with Nvidia’s H264 codec that compresses your files into small sizes with keeping its quality intact.

Difference Between Camtasia And Bandicam

There are lots of differences that a user may find between Camtasia and Bandicam. Major ones out of them are:

Camtasia has software for mobile phones as well as Windows and Mac OS.It has the best user interface with its amazing video capturing and editing tools making work for the user quite easy.The speed of video capturing is 60 FPS.It has a great set of video editing features such as timeline guidance, splitting, screen cutting, etc.It comes with a variety of video transition features.Bandicam can only work on mobile phones and Windows OS. When compared to Camtasia, its user interface is not as smooth and easy as Camtasia.Here too, the speed of video capturing is 60 FPS.It on the other hand has good splitting and cutting features but a fewer number of features as compared to Camtasia. There are no video transitions features in Bandicam.  

Price Comparison Of TechSmith Camtasia And Bandicam

In terms of pricing, you will find Bandicam way cheaper than Camtasia. The one-time price of Bandicam is $39.95 whereas the price of Camtasia is a whopping $249. Though you can use the TechSmith promo code to get some price reduction on the Camtasia.

As of now, we have discussed the features and differences that you may find with both Camtasia and Bandicam. Based on them, you can choose any of the software that best matches your requirements.

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