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Conversion rates are simply the numbers of visitors that finally turn into your customers by completing the final transaction on your website. To simplify, it is the number of sales your website was finally able to make.

Generating sales being the ultimate goal, the conversion rates are essential. To help you increase this rate, we have come up with certain tips. It has been seen that even an expert SEO specialist in Brisbane uses them.

Read on to know what these are.

1.     Adding pop-ups

A study conducted by Sumo says that the average conversion rate of pop-ups is 3.09 per cent. However, if the proper process is followed, you can increase that rate up to 9.28 per cent. Moreover, this is one of the most straightforward ways to improve your conversion rates. Here are some tips to get it right

  • Try offering different offers using them till the time you find the right one
  • Set a cookie for the pop-up so that it only appears once. You can use various pop-ups tools as it facilitates that

Also, remember setting a short-timer when deciding on pop-ups so that the customers aren’t annoyed with their constant presence.

2.     Reducing unnecessary form fill-ups

The requirement to fill up unnecessary forms often kills your conversion rates. So make sure you remove all the excessive forms, leaving only the important ones essential to accomplish your goals. 

Make the forms relevant and well balanced so that your sales team is provided with all the info they want without annoying the customer, impacting your conversion rates.

3.     Make the sign-up process clear and simple

Adding too many fields that aren’t necessary for your business can kill your conversion rates. People might leave the site even before completing the sign-up process because of being too lengthy or demanding too much info.

So, try to keep your sign-up process transparent and as simple as possible because sign-up is the very first step on the road of conversion.

4.     Add live chat option

It has been noticed that people are willing to buy your product or service but are confused about the related matters. And providing help to solve these questions often directs them towards final payment.

By providing a live chat option, you can extend your hands to help them out. This not only solves the problem of visitors but also helps you build credibility in their eyes.

Just like pop-ups, adding live chat options to your website are also very easy. You can take the help of various tools available online to do so

5.     Add testimonies and reviews

No one would want to be the very first user of a product or service. By putting reviews or testimonies of previous clients, you can set the minds of the new users at ease. Social proofs tend to ease the minds of consumers. It has been seen that adding social proofs and testimonies has increased the conversion rates by up to 400 percent. Hence don’t overlook its power.

If you are still in a dilemma about how to increase your conversions with social proof? Take a look at the article written by Optinmonster.


If you are willing to increase your conversion rates, make sure to contact an SEO specialist in Brisbane today to skyrocket your rates. All the best with the campaign. Plan it well and things will go your way!

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