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Gadgets To Have

We can’t help ourselves but get overly excited when new gadgets hit the shelves. It may be hard to get surprised anymore in a world of talking speakers and virtual reality gear, but you may want to think again. We all know that our jaws dropped at the new Galaxy Book Pro and Sony’s new glass speaker, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the coolest gadgets of the year just hit the market, and we are not even in December yet! Is your inner tech geek jumping up and down in sheer excitement right now? Well, don’t hold your horses because we’ve got you covered with all the details of some of the best gadgets that you should keep an eye out for.

1. The Jabra Evolve 75 Headset:

If you’ve still WFH and need something to cut out the noise while on a Zoom meeting, we’ve got the perfect gadget for you.Consider investing in the all-new Evolve 75 headset from Jabra. This gadget is specially engineered to provide you with the ultimate disturbance-free experience during calls. That’s right, with its world-class speakers, excellent sound quality, and impeccable noise-cancellation feature, the Evolve 75 marks itself as one of the best professional wireless headsets. The standout feature for this headset is, hands down, its superior active noise-cancellation, dual Bluetooth connectivity with extraordinary range, and the “do not disturb” busy light. The leather-feel ear cushions don’t squeeze your head too much,and it is compatible with almost all platforms. You can also browse through more Jabra headphones if you want more options and features.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Ah yes, Samsung is bringing back the good old flip that we used to love, but it’s way better! Samsung first launched the vintage-styled foldable flip phone back in February 2020, but the phone wasn’t without issues. The Z Flip had its fair share of downsides, from cracked screens to the hefty price tag, but it is now back with a bang. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes at a lower price than its predecessor with a better split display, powerful processor, and a larger display. It is the cheapest mainstream foldable phone available on the market with a more durable and sleek design, better use of the cover display, and an improved camera. It is safe to say that the new Flip 3 is making up for its predecessor’s lacking and will tick with people who love their modern tech to have a vintage feel.

3. XD Design Bobby Tech Smart Backpack

We get it; it is relaxing using a brand-new phone or laptop from the comfort of your couch, but what about gadgets that enhance your sense of adventure? There is one gadget that will make you want to go for an outdoor mission, and that is the XD Design Smart backpack. The bag looks freakishly futuristic, minimalist, and sleek. It is the perfect solution for people who hate carrying bulky bags and are always worried about their stuff getting stolen. This smart backpack offers excellent protection with its anti-theft features and is also solar-powered for high functionality. You can charge your phones and other devices regardless of where you are. Other smart features include an integrated USB port, organisational panel, and wireless charger.

4. Google’s Nest Cameras

Peepholes and security cameras are things of the past when you have smart home control and security. This month’s hottest security gadgets are Google’s Nest Cameras, consisting of a sleek lineup of indoor/outdoor cameras, a floodlight camera, a new doorbell, etc. You can manage all the devices through Google Home and receive free notifications. However, one gadget that stands out is the all-new Nest Doorbell, which is a wireless video doorbell that offers smart alerts and a wider field of vision. The smart alert in the new version works for face recognition and gives alerts regardingmail, animals, vehicles, and people. As a bonus, it offers free three-hour event recording.

5. Satechi USB-C Clamp Hub:

How often have you had the urge to break your device because of the lack of necessary ports for connecting it to something else? Well, with Satechi’s latest USB-C accessory, you can cleverly add ports to your Mac devices. The type-C clamp hub pro is exclusively designed to accommodate your iMacs and iMac Pro to add access for all your devices. Now you can use a single USB-C connection and extend your ports to the front of your iMac devices. You get micro & SD card reader slots, three USB-A data transfer ports, and a USB-C data transfer port.

6. Ember Mug2

Here’s a hot home improvement device – the futuristic-looking Ember Mug 2 and its little travel buddy. What can be more exciting for coffee enthusiasts than having a mug that keeps their brew at the desired temperature? Nothing but this device! That’s right, simply connect your Ember mug via the accompanying app to your smartphone and receive notification of when the brew has reached the perfect temperature. The heating element at the bottom of the mug ensures that your tea or coffee remains hot until you finish every last sip.

7. Meeting Owl Pro

We understand the frustration of working through Zoom and countless video sessions with annoying sound quality and almost no customizable features. Well, say goodbye to these problems by investing in the next AI assistant to make online meetings and remote work significantly efficient. The Meeting Owl Pro is an easy-to-use device that combines a microphone, 360-degree camera, and speaker all in one. The experience is so immersive that you’ll have to look around to ensure that you aren’t actually there in person. One of the best things about this gadget is that it integrates perfectly with commonly used conferencing platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Slack. So, the next time you are having trouble during an online meeting, just put the owl up and enjoy automatic connectivity, tri-speaker, 1080p video quality, and an 18-foot audio pickup radius.


There is no way that technology will ever cease to amaze us, especially in current times. More futuristic, intelligent, and sophisticated gadgets are being developed and launched almost every month. This article mentions a few of them for you to ogle at. Consider enhancing the quality of your life by investing in them.

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