Is PMP Certification Exam Difficult and Should I Apply for Training Class for PMP Course?

Is PMP Certification Exam Difficult

Is PMP Certification Exam Difficult?

Because of the epidemic, the company transferred me to a small project to save the cost of employment. I have led a team, but I have never been in charge of a project. As a matter of fact, I am very flustered.

I started searching online: how can I do a good job on a project? What do I need to learn to do a project? Many net friends’ answers are around “PMP Certification”, however, this was my first contact with PMP certification and I did not understand it at all.

Later, I found a course consultant of SPOTO PMP training institution to know the certification in detail, and then I realized that PMP certification is the basic entry-level certification of project management, which is very suitable for the project manager of newcomer or amateur and is an international certification. Now, the holders of PMP certification in China exceed 300,000.

The three labels of “high social recognition, urgent need for project system, and project management foundation certification” are the reasons for winning PMP certification.

After deciding to take the PMP Exam, I will worry about one problem (it seems that I have a lot of worries): is it difficult to pass the PMP Test? Is it easy to pass it? And how long does it take for the PMP Exam preparation?

On this issue, I have also checked a lot of information and asked many net friends. Until I personally got involved in the SPOTO PMP Exercise, I just want to say: that the PMP Certification Examination is not difficult at all. Don’t be scared away by the thickness of more than 700 pages of PMBOK. I go to work and review it at the same time. I study every day in fragmented time, and I can pass it in 2-3 months.

Compared with CET-4 and CET-6, the PMP Certificate Test is too easy. It took me 70 days from preparing for the exam to passing it.

Should I apply for Training Class for PMP Course?

The question of whether to apply for a class or not is believed to be the first question many students have when they decide to take the exam. Here I would also like to talk about the reasons why I choose to apply for the PMP training course:

First, I am not confident in my English level. If I study on my own, the risk is too high and I am prone to problems.

Second, time is very tight. It was only two months away from the exam, but I was still in touch with it for the first time.

Third, I still did not have much confidence in my self-discipline, and when I saw the super thick PMBOK, I felt that I could not finish it in two months by relying on my self-study. Therefore, I still chose to apply for a training class, which could at least simplify the content of some books and provided some review ideas for me.

The examination questions are all single choice questions, a total of 200 questions, of which 25 questions are not scored, and the correct answers are more than 106 questions. That is to say, 131 correct questions can ensure the pass, that is, the correct rate can reach 131 / 200 = 65.5%.

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