Why Developing a Custom Learning Management System Will Benefit Your Business

Developing a Custom Learning Management System

As a business, you walk a careful line between wanting to train employees and wanting to control costs. How do you find the balance? Especially in this COVID-ridden world, you need to educate employees because a lack of training and career progression is one of the biggest reasons people leave a workplace. However, not all training providers are offering full services right now, and you may struggle for the money too.

Here’s how your business will benefit from developing a custom learning management system!

Save Resources

In truth, a custom learning management system allows you to save money in many different ways. Unfortunately, training a whole group of people away from the workplace is no longer viable for a growing business. As well as paying for travel costs, you fork out for the training itself and the fact that staff are away from their desks for days on end. Remember, time is money for a business.

Now, all staff have a system accessible from their desk. They take courses and online training designed specifically by e-learning specialists. These courses can be taken during work hours but are still available when needed. When finished, they get right back to work. What’s more, you choose when the training takes place and work it around the schedule of the business (rather than choosing an external training provider and working around their schedule!).

Tailored Training

You know your staff members better than anyone, so doesn’t it make sense to create the training materials yourself? Alternatively, you might buy a course from a third-party supplier and then make simple edits. Either way, the training is more applicable to your team, and they get more from it. As time goes on and the industry changes, all you need to do is make simple edits, and it continues to resonate.

When choosing an external provider, they bring their own course (some of which may not apply to your team). Now, every single second of the training will benefit employees and add value to their work.

Attract High-Quality Staff

In the modern age, employees don’t want to travel all over the country taking training sessions. Especially after the pandemic, there’s a risk to travelling that most employees just don’t want to take. With a custom learning management system, they learn from the comfort of the office in an environment where they feel comfortable. Additionally, workers enjoy training at their own pace and at a time that suits them.

Track Progress

When sending workers off to an external course, there’s no real way to track progress. Sure, they might do a fun quiz at the end, but these aren’t taken seriously (and the course leader often goes through the answers with participants). With an integrated and internal LMS, you can take advantage of the advanced reporting tools to track the progress of all staff members.

As well as seeing who has performed which training, you’ll learn where people are struggling and where they may need extra help.

Track Spending

Finally, a custom learning management system provides clear data on what each department spends. As the business grows, this can plug leakages and ensure that spending is efficient at all times. With a clean and simple dashboard, you see all the pertinent data within seconds.

Just in case this wasn’t enough, there’s also evidence suggesting that staff members learn more effectively using a custom LMS than external training. Why not get started now?

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